Harnessing New Technologies in Agriculture to Support a Sustainable Food System

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Title: Harnessing New Technologies in Agriculture to Support a Sustainable Food System

2-Sentence Summary: If we want a more sustainable food supply, we need to leverage history and past knowledge while also looking forward. We need more innovation and technology in breeding – because a more sustainable food supply starts with better breeding of animals and plants. And better breeding starts with more science.


The growing demand for healthy, nutritious food around the world is accelerating. In order to supply enough healthy accessible food to sustain societies globally, we must meet the needs of farmers, the food system and, ultimately, the consumer. By embracing more science and data, not less, we can leverage advanced breeding technologies to help our global food system be healthy and sustainable. The use of innovative breeding technologies will ensure healthier animals (including elimination of animal diseases), improved sustainability of agriculture, healthier options for food manufacturers and feed producers, and nourishment of the world’s growing population. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Innovative breeding technologies (both animal and plant) can be as important as sustainability practices on farms.
  2. Harnessing innovation, science and data is critical to our food system, and ensuring a safe and more sustainable food supply for people around the world.

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Monday, July 19, 2021 - 03:45 PM
What new technologies or innovations will radically transform the future of food?


Ardent Mills


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